Sugar Creek Piedmontese, LLP beef is unlike any other.  We raise a breed of cattle that is a genetically superior, in addition to using an old fashion approach to animal care and husbandry to produce a consistent, hight quality product.  That is extraordingarly lean and incredibly tender.  ​​
      The tenderness that is enjoyed with the Piedmontese beef, relies on genetics, unlike traditional beef that relies on higher fat content for tenderness.  The Genetics of this breed does not produce heavy amounts of marbling or surface fat; nor does it consist of the typically stringy fibers, and the results is a natural tender beef that does not require electrical stimulation, needling or long aging to be tender.  Piedmontese beef has been proven to be more tender than like cuts from traditional cattle.  It has the tenderness similar to Prime or Wagyu beef,  without the fat.

       In addition to the exceptional tenderness, taste and nutrition, we carefully consider the care, husbandry and processing of each animal.  Our cattle spend the majority of their lives grazing in pastures.  Their diets are supplemented with hay and spent brewers grains.  The spent grains (Barley and Wheat) comes from O'Fallon Brewery.

       We looked at 100% grass-finishing our beef, but it is very difficult to supply all the nurtitional needs of growing cattle on just grass year round.  By using the Piedmontese cattle we can deliver all of the health benefits, while still producing a consistently tender and lean product.

      Sugar Creek Piedmontese cattle are never given any hormones, growth steroids or antibiotics.  We focuse instead on inproving the natural environment for cattle, allowing them to grow and develop naturally.  We focus on preventative measures, such as quality nurtition, natural living condistions, and effective stewardship to prevent illness.

Our philosophy is simple -
 We Feed Cattle,
We feed People, 
We care for Both!!
Our Story

Sugar Creek Piedmontese, LLP is a family owned farm.  Our meat program is -  conception to plate.  The calves marketed throught our program are born and raised on our farms.  That makes our birth-to-harvest traceability simple.